Possible Hijack AU

Has anyone ever considered a Hijack Supernatural!AU? Let’s say Hiccup is Sam, and Jack is Dean. Jack wasn’t actually their child, but they took in while they were under the impression that Valka was infertile. Then Hiccup was born, so they had two children, and they were perfectly happy this way. It was a very happy, love-filled household. That is, until Valka found the stranger by Hiccup’s crib. Basically, it follows the storyline of the Supernatural TV series, but with romance between Jack and Hiccup.

Characters: Jessica = Astrid; John = Stoick; Mary = Valka; Dean = Jack; Sam = Hiccup; Meg = Merida; and other characters could be decided later.

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First Kiss {Hijack PNAU}

      It just wasn’t fair.

      Normally, Jack didn’t really care who he was partnered up with for any project. But this time was different, because he wasn’t paired up with just anyone. He was paired up with Hayden Haddock, resident nerd. Nicknamed Hiccup due to his legendary, three month long case of the hiccups, he was exactly what came to mind when one thought of a nerd. He wore over-sized sweaters and large glasses that made his emerald green eyes appear even bigger than normal. He was gawky, clumsy, sarcastic, and he always smelled pleasantly like dirt and rain, a down to earth sort of scent. Not that Jack had noticed that last part himself, of course. Those features were enough to earn Hiccup a few rough shoves and the occasional rude name, but what really took the cake was how absolutely tiny Hiccup was. He stood at merely 5’1 and weighed a meager ninety pounds. (Jack had been in the waiting room when the nurse took these measurements.) Considering that Jack was small by Berk standards, standing at 5’8 and weighing a hundred and thirty-two pounds, Hiccup was practically a kitten in a town of mutated lions.

      And Jack found it pretty damn adorable.

      In fact, Hiccup as a whole was too cute for it to be legal, and it just wasn’t fair!

     Why wasn’t it fair, you may ask? Well, the answer was rather simple. It wasn’t fair because it was going to be torture to have to spend so much time around Hiccup and not be able to kiss those thin, slightly chapped and somehow still alluring lips. In all honesty, Jack was surprised by just how strong the urge to taste the smaller teen’s lips was, considering he had only really began to notice him a few months before. He had caught Scott Jorgenson, Hiccup’s burly cousin who was known as Snotlout for reasons unknown, trying to shove the auburnette into a locker. Judging from the way they were both acting, it wasn’t the first time such a thing had occurred, and the idea of being pushed back into the tiny space obviously terrified Hiccup. Just thinking about the incident made Jack’s blood boil. Though most would expect him to be the type to bully others, Jack was quite the opposite. Maybe it was because he had gone through bullying when he was younger, or maybe he just had stronger morals than the others in his school. Either way, whenever he saw someone being mistreated, he stepped in without hesitation, and that situation was no different. Snotlout had left the school with a black eye and a bloody nose, as well as a warning: if he laid so much as a finger on Hiccup again, he’d have Jack to answer to. When Hiccup’s lips had pulled into that grateful little smile, Jack had been surprised by how fast his heart had began to beat. The urge had started then, and it had been torturing him all throughout their tentative, slowly growing friendship.

      Jack was drawn out of his thoughts when the boy across from him gave a soft sigh. He blinked a few times, raising his eyes from the book he had been staring blankly at for the past few minutes, and instead looked to Hiccup. The sophomore was sitting on his bed, and it appeared he was having trouble focusing as well. His gaze was on the wall across from him, and he was drumming the textbook thoughtfully, his fingers moving as if he was playing an invisible piano. It was a habit that Jack had noticed quickly, and he found it rather interesting. Did Hiccup know how to play the piano? Was it something he did often, to the point where he tried to play it out of habit, even when he wasn’t at a piano? Or did he simply drum his fingers slightly different than other people?

      “…Something wrong, Hiccup?” He asked quietly, furrowing his brow slightly. The boy in question was silent before giving a frustrated groan and flopping backwards onto his bed, resting his hands on his stomach. At this, Jack’s eyebrows raised, and he moved to sit beside Hiccup, tapping one of his feet lightly. “It seems like something is wrong,” He urged.

      “Something is wrong.”

      “What is it?”

      “…Life,” Hiccup sighed, running his fingers through his hair as best he could without sitting up. His gaze slid to Jack, who gestured for him to elaborate. “There’s just…a lot going on. All those tests are coming up, and there’s a lot of pressure on me to get good grades on them,” Hiccup began, slowly pushing himself back into a sitting position, “And there’s something I really need to tell my dad, but I just know he won’t approve, and-and…” Hiccup trailed off, gripping his arms tightly. Jack seemed slightly unsure of what to do. He had seen first hand how Hiccup’s father could be, and he could understand why Hiccup was so determined to impress him. A disappointed Stoick as not a pleasant thing to experience. However, it seemed the Mayor was extremely hard to impress, and nothing Hiccup did was ever good enough. It was a lot of weight to bear on his thin shoulders, the weight of all the expectations that were placed upon him.

      “It’s alright -” Jack began feebly, but fell silent when Hiccup began shaking his head, taking another deep breath.

      “No, it’s not. It really, really is not alright, it is anything but alright, Jack,” Hiccup muttered, digging his nails into his arms. He was usually so good about hiding how his father’s constant disappointment in him made him feel, but he had been putting up with so much stress that the hard shell he had formed was beginning to crack, and Jack had no idea how to comfort him. For a moment, he just stared at the little teen beside him, his shoulders hunched over and his arms wrapped around in the embrace that no one else would give him. Finally, Jack decided to just go with whatever felt right.

      So, with that though, he gently tilted Hiccup’s head up, and leaned down to kiss him.

      And, much to Jack’s relief and pleasure, Hiccup kissed back.

Hijack roleplay?

I am looking for someone who would be willing to play Jack. The storyline is below.


        Once, long ago, Jack Frost had a believer. This believer, a scrawny viking teen by the name of Hiccup, meant the world to Jack, and the feeling was mutual on Hiccup’s part. Through the years they fell in love, and though the fact that Jack was invisible to all the others of his tribe made their relationship a bit difficult to maintain, their love for each other was strong, and their relationship soon became equally so. After what seemed like ages, Hiccup managed to convince the others that Jack was real, and now the whole village could see him. They were overjoyed.
        Unfortunately for the two beloveds, Hiccup died young, and Jack doesn’t even know how it happened. All he knows is he left for a single day, and when he returned, he was the one to find Hiccup dead on the floor of his house. He was heartbroken. In his grief he left the village of believers, unable to stay in the place where his true love died. He never wanted to set foot on the island again, for he would be haunted by memories of the past whenever he paid a visit, and all he would be able to see when he closed his eyes was the burning ship in the distance, Hiccup’s corpse under a sheet on the deck. He flew away from Berk and never returned, trying so hard to bury the pain. It was too much for him to handle. Though centuries past, the heartache was always there. He could hide it all he liked, but he would never be able to fully move on.
        However, he was provided some distraction when he was chosen to be a Guardian. Though reluctant to accept the responsibility, he went to aid the Guardians when Pitch, the Boogeyman, attacked the Tooth Palace. North had warned him that Pitch was ruthless and cunning, and he had no doubt learned that Jack had been chosen to be a Guardian, and would have found a weakness to use against him. Jack thinks he’s prepared. How bad can it possibly be, right? He can’t think of any major weaknesses off the bat. As the Guardians and Pitch argue back and forth, Jack begins to lower his guard. It appeared Pitch hadn’t found a weakness to use to his advantage. He wasn’t expecting what came next.
        “Ah, yes, there is actually someone I would like you to meet,” Pitch drawls with a smirk, his hands clasped behind his back, “Come into the light, would you, my dear?”
        There was silence for a moment, and then:
        “…Of course.” A figure melts out of the shadows, a figure with grey tinted skin that was covered in dark freckles, a mess of black hair atop his head and a cloak of darkness. The most interesting trait he, for the figure was a he, possessed was his eyes. Large and giving off the impression of once being bright, they were a shade of green that would put emeralds to shame, rings of a lustrous yellow circling the pupil and the rim of the iris, bars of gold crossing between the two rings and leaving only sections of green visible, as if trapping the jade inside. Jack’s heart just about stops as he sets eyes on the boy he thought he’d only ever see in his dreams.



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Hiccup let out a long breath as he stepped out of his science class. Astrid was waiting for him, books piled high in her arms. “So how did it go?” She tilted her head and Hiccup could see how people would find her attractive.

“Ah, he gave me one extra day to try and rebuild my bridge. I’m going to start on it tonight.” He kicked the tiled floor with his scuffed shoes. “Jack said he would help, but I don’t think he understands what I even need to do.” They walked down the hall together and he rolled his shoulders. “I hope yours is at least good enough to get an A. You deserve it.”

“Aw thank you,” she said. As they walked she slung an arm around his neck, managing to carry her books in the other. Hiccup learned she used to be on her junior high’s soft ball team. She was hoping to get a spot on the boy’s baseball team once the season started up. Hiccup was sure they wouldn’t refuse her, especially with her strength. Truthfully he thought the team needed the extra help from what he heard. “Oh hey,” Astrid’s voice broke him out of his thoughts, “isn’t that Jack over there?”

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Parenthood {Hijack PNAU}

     A wail pierced the air, startling both males from their sleep. Feeling his pale-haired partner shift beside him, Hiccup rested a hand on a heavily tattooed arm. Jack moved his gaze, still slightly blurry with sleep, to his beloved, managing to see a tired smile through the darkness of the bedroom.

     “I got it, Jack,” Hiccup murmured as the crying continued, high-pitched and distressed. He pressed a single kiss to the older boy’s temple and rolled over so he was sitting on the edge of the bed, feeling around the nightstand for his glasses. Finally, he found them and slid them onto his face, now using his improved vision to find his prosthetic leaning against the end of the bed. He grabbed it and strapped it on, then pushed himself into a standing position. He stretched with a small yawn, then walked over to the crib that stood in the corner of the bedroom, a delicate mobile hanging over it. Though his eyes were still adjusting to the darkness, he was able to make out the small form of his child, tiny fists clenched and arms flailing.

     He reached down and gently lifted the baby, blanket and all, into his arms, bouncing him lightly and cooing softly. The child smelled fine, so he could assume that he didn’t need a diaper change, and he had been fed well before they had all settled for bed. “What’s wrong, Stoick?” He whispered as his eyes adjusted more and details began to become evident. His son’s face was scrunched up and pink, tears pouring down his face and a small tuft of copper hair atop his head. Hiccup sighed, pressing a gentle kiss to Stoick’s forehead and continuing to bounce him, whispering and clucking softly. Finally, the child began to calm, tears reduced to sniffles and wails silenced by the thumb he had deposited into his mouth, slightly watery blue eyes peering up at him.

     Jack, not able to fall asleep again without Hiccup by his side, rolled over and looked over at the two of them. He took in the form of his newlywed husband, outfitted in one of Jack’s large t-shirts (the logo of some band or other imprinted on the front) and his boxers, auburn hair a mess and his prosthetic glinting in the moonlight that peeked through the crack in the curtains. As Jack watched him soothe their youngest back into a sleepy state, he couldn’t help but marvel at just how lucky he was. With the thought, Jack pushed himself to his feet and walked over, wrapping his arms around his partner’s thin waist and stooping to rest his chin on a shoulder that was the opposite of broad, looking down at their once-again-snoozing son.

     “Just look at him,” Jack muttered affectionately, beginning to nuzzle at Hiccup’s lightly freckled neck, “Was he worth the nine months of pain, mood swings and cravings?” Hiccup gave a soft chuckle at the question, tilting his head back a bit with a sweet smile as Stoick gave a little snore, just like the man he was named after used to, but far quieter. Hiccup’s father’s snores had been absolutely thunderous, while his son’s were soft, barely even audible.

     “Oh, he was well worth it,” Hiccup responded quietly, his emerald gaze flickering to meet the icy eyes that Jack had passed onto his son, “But let’s wait a bit before we plunge into that again, alright?” Jack gave a sheepish chuckle at the tease, pulling Hiccup back just a bit, loving the warmth that radiated off the scrawny boy.

     “So, we’re going to get into that again?” Jack asked, enjoying how Hiccup’s face flushed, quickly looking back to the little boy in his arms. He loved it when Hiccup blushed, the rosy color spreading from his cheeks down to his neck, and appearing at the very tips of his ears. He absolutely adored how it made his freckles stand out all the more. It broke his heart to know that Hiccup despised himself for all the things Jack adored. The insecurity that lived inside the boy made no sense at all to Jack.

     “I-I was just…I mean, if you don’t want -” Hiccup stammered, trying to find the words to explain what was on his mind. The warm chuckle against his neck helped him to relax a little bit, his ivory-skinned companion pulling back a bit to meet his eyes, a loving smile on his face.

      “I’d love to have more, Hic,” Jack murmured, pressing a delicate kiss to Hiccup’s lips, left to reassure, “As long as you’re up for it. After all, you’re the one that’s going to be carrying them. As long as you’re ready to go through the morning sickness and fits over the fact that none of your shirts will fit you anymore again, I’m perfectly content with the idea.” Hiccup relaxed with a sigh of content, leaning back against Jack gently.

     “…Good. I love you, Jack.”

     “I love you too.”